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ATLANTA — A stage has been set up in a rarely used parking lot that is connected to a discount mall in Atlanta. This stage holds significance to Anthony Edwards, a basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, as it represents his old neighborhood. Edwards looks down at the crowd gathered around the stage, recognizing familiar faces such as teachers, coaches, and children who resemble his younger self.

Edwards, who grew up in Oakland City, a rough part of Atlanta, used to live in a small apartment and share clothes with his older brothers. Now, he is being celebrated by Adidas, who has chosen him as the centerpiece of their ad campaign for his AE1 signature shoe. The stage event, which includes a marching band and a joyful atmosphere, marks his arrival as a superstar and serves as a reminder of how far he has come.

Edwards returned to Oakland City for this celebration, bringing hope to a struggling community. He is deeply connected to his roots and his authenticity shines through. Timberwolves assistant coach Chris Hines describes Edwards as someone who embodies the culture and spirit of the city.

As the Timberwolves gear up for the new season, there are high expectations for Edwards. He had an impressive performance in the NBA playoffs, signed a lucrative contract, and showcased his skills with Team USA. Whether in Atlanta or Minneapolis, people are drawn to Edwards and admire his demeanor. He represents success for his old neighborhood and has become a rising star in the league.

Atlanta is often referred to as the Hollywood of the South or Black Hollywood due to the number of notable entertainers and athletes who call it home. While many of these figures come from the outskirts of the city, Edwards hails from the heart of Atlanta, specifically the tough area known as Southwest Atlanta.

Edwards’ upbringing was far from easy, as he lost his mother and grandmother to cancer at a young age. He had to commute long distances to school and faced numerous challenges, but he never gave up. His success story inspires the residents of Oakland City, who hope to see more individuals like Edwards achieve greatness.

Oakland City has a long history, initially serving as a safe haven for Black residents during a time of racial discrimination. As Atlanta went through its own periods of racial tension and transformation, the city experienced significant changes. Many White residents moved to the suburbs, leading to a decline in Atlanta’s White population. Diane Trimble, a longtime resident of Oakland City, witnessed this exodus firsthand.

Despite the difficulties faced by Oakland City and the broader Atlanta community, there is renewed hope and optimism thanks to individuals like Edwards. His success story represents the potential for others in the community to thrive and flourish.

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