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Joe Hill, a long-time fixture of the South Street Seaport in Manhattan, known for his maritime junk and jewels, passed away on October 17th in Huntington, NY at the age of 76. His death occurred at a hospice facility and was the result of complications from dementia. Until he was forced to close his store in 2000 due to rent increases, Mr. Hill stood as one of the few remaining connections to the neighborhood’s seafaring past. While fancy retail outlets and tourist attractions began to take over the area, he maintained his unique store, Captain Hook’s, filled with an array of nautical bric-a-brac. Mr. Hill’s devotion to preserving the history and character of the neighborhood was unwavering, and he resisted the commercialized developments taking place around him. However, as rent prices continued to rise, he ultimately had to close his beloved store. Despite the challenges he faced, Joe Hill was remembered for being a wonderful character and part of a group of South Street Seaport characters who have since disappeared. His store was a popular spot, with lines of people waiting to enter and explore the collection of nautical treasures. Joe Hill’s dedication to his store and his customers was evident as he worked hard to make sales and collect tips. He would often sell inexpensive souvenirs alongside more valuable items, showcasing his skill as a salesman. His devotion to his store was unwavering, and even after it closed, he was deeply saddened by the transformation of the South Street Seaport into a shopping mall. Despite offers to reopen his store elsewhere, Joe Hill was a true New Yorker who did not want to move away. Throughout his life, he maintained his love of maritime items and shared his passion with anyone who walked into his store, creating a treasure hunt for children and adults alike. Joe Hill leaves behind a lasting legacy and will be remembered as a beloved figure in the South Street Seaport neighborhood.

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