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Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, who is 72 years old, holds the title as the oldest coach in the NFL. With a Super Bowl trophy and 165 wins, he is also ranked 17th in NFL history for wins. One aspect that sets him apart from other coaches is his unconventional team meetings. According to several players and staff members, Carroll’s team meetings are filled with fun and unique activities.

Wide receiver Jermaine Kearse describes the team meetings as a lot of fun. Linebacker Malcolm Smith believes that Carroll’s team meetings are what sets him apart from other coaches. Former NFL linebacker and coaching intern Chad Brown believes that the team meetings with Carroll were the best he has experienced as a coach or player.

Tight end Luke Willson recalls his first experience in a team meeting with Carroll. He describes the room as dead silent until Carroll bursts in and starts an interactive activity with the kickers. Willson found Carroll’s energy and enthusiasm to be crazy but entertaining.

Center Justin Britt shares that Carroll would have a segment called “the safe place” where he would tell fake stories about players. The stories were often exaggerated and meant to be humorous and lighthearted.

Wide receiver Golden Tate recounts a team meeting where Carroll introduced a new Gatorade flavor and made it seem like it was crucial for hydration purposes. In reality, it was a playful joke.

Linebacker Shaquem Griffin sums up Carroll’s coaching style by saying that he is in a land of his own. Carroll’s meetings involve pranks, jokes, and games, making each day filled with excitement and laughter.

Carroll’s chief of staff, Ben Malcolmson, compares the team environment to a circus. Scooter races, fake snakes, and orchestrated pranks are just a few examples of the fun activities that took place during team meetings.

Carroll’s ability to incorporate fun and entertainment into team meetings created an environment where players felt motivated and energized. Many players believe that Carroll’s unique coaching style contributed to the success of the team. Even during important events like the Super Bowl, Carroll ensured that the team maintained their lightheartedness by organizing a basketball tournament before the game.

Overall, Carroll’s team meetings may be unorthodox, but they played a significant role in building a competitive and enjoyable atmosphere for the Seattle Seahawks.

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