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For those wondering whether this is a bug or not: Update 06/30/2023 4:15 p.m. ET: @Blizzard: “This is a known issue that will be addressed in a future patch”. Treasure Goblin wasn’t always a serial Hardcore player annihilator. It has been long-suspected that the Diablo Treasure Goblin seeks inspiration, nay, deity-like divine inspiration from Golum himself. The Tolkien fan-favourite Golum and the lesser known Treasure Goblin share similarities, at least on paper. While Golum has a hugely developed backstory and well-carved presence in his fictional (sorry, 📽️ if it’s still real to you, damn it! 📽️) universe, our anonymous Treasure Goblins are relatively scant on lore…and they’ve had enough.

The mobile loot-dispensers have gone rogue; Diablo IV players have been killed by random treasure goblins, according to 🥱IGN and legendary World of Warcraft website, ❄️Icy Veins. Treasure Goblins are now going full Golum mode – hated almost as much as the recent Golum game 🤚🏽 Losing hours of gameplay due to an unavoidable event is not an enjoyable experience. It feels like your time has been wasted and it’s a serious issue. The death counter can make you feel like your time is running out quickly, and it’s not something to laugh about. Time is precious and losing it in this manner is unpleasant, to put it extremely politely.

Morbidly known as the epitome of agony within the realm of Diablo, the concept of death becomes an irrevocable sentence when playing a Hardcore character. Thus, be it a mere ten fleeting minutes or an extensive ten-day investment, that precious time is abruptly rendered utterly valueless – unless it was fun. However, ‘bug related’ death can make it 10 times worse if it was fun while it lasted. Ironically, what is lost forever can always be found on the internet, as shown by Killthuzad’s Twitch stream where he expresses a mix of stunned shock and deep despair. Lesser men or women would have, at bare minimum, smashed their keyboard. Losing a level 85 Hardcore character when you were expecting to simply pick up loot. Before death by Treasure Goblin After losing a level 85 Hardcore character … to a treasure goblin.

Observe as a hardcore character is yeeted and deleted in a particular nightmare Nightmare dungeon immediately after killing a Treasure Goblin-Gone-Wild. Players on the official Diablo IV forum are debating the treasure goblin uprising; Several players have recounted instances where formidable high-level characters met their untimely demise at the hands of the Death Pulse and treasure goblin combo. Given that, in many of the discussed instances, characters were more than equipped to soak the damage so they are concluding (update: Correctly) that this is an unintended result of a bug. Like this:Like Loading…!

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