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When it comes to versatile and powerful guns in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), assault rifles reign supreme. With the ability to take down enemies at short to medium ranges, assault rifles are a must-have in your arsenal. But with the many options available, what is the best assault rifle for dominating your BGMI matches? After breaking down the stats and performance, here’s a list of ranking assault rifles in BGMI.

1. M416 – The All-Rounder

The M416 has earned its reputation as one of the best all-around ARs in BGMI. This gun simply excels in nearly every category that matters. It packs a lethal combo of great stability, decent damage, and a pretty fast fire rate.

The M416 is an absolute laser beam, able to take down enemies with ease at close and medium distances. The easy-to-control recoil also makes it a great option for newer players. Its versatility and consistency are why many pros favor the M416. Just watch out for burning through ammo quickly during sprays. But equip an extended mag, and the M416 will serve you well.

AKM – The Heavy Hitter

When you need raw stopping power, look no further than the AKM. This iconic assault rifle hits brutally hard, packing a mean punch with every shot. The AKM’s damage output is tremendous, able to rip enemies apart in just a few bullets.

The tradeoff is a slower fire rate, but it makes up for it with its heavyweight damage. Recoil control can be tricky, but adding a comp and stock helps a lot. If you love aggressive run-and-gun gameplay, the AKM is a beastly AR to run with. Those deadly headshots are so satisfying!

M762 – The Balanced Contender

Lately, the M762 has become a fan-favorite AR in BGMI thanks to its well-rounded attributes. It brings a balanced blend of stability, damage, and a pretty quick fire rate. The M762 feels easy to control since the recoil pattern goes straight up. After the recent buffs, it can now compete head-to-head with the mighty M416.

The only downside is that its overall DPS is slightly lower compared to others. But don’t let that fool you – the M762 still rips enemies apart fast. Just aim for those headshots when possible!

So there you have it, my rankings for the best ARs to use currently in BGMI. The M416, M762, and AKM take the top spots in terms of killing potential. Ultimately, choose the assault rifle that fits your playstyle the best. With the constant Battleground Mobile India updates, the weapon meta is always evolving. But equipping one of these top-tier assault rifles will surely help you dominate your next BGMI match and claim that chicken dinner!

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