Tuesday, June 25, 2024

As the Israeli military announced the encirclement of Gaza City by ground troops, the death toll caused by Israeli airstrikes has faced mounting criticism. The White House stated that the Biden administration would urge Israel to periodically pause its military campaign for humanitarian reasons. Images of the destruction caused by Israeli munitions circulated globally, prompting calls for a cease-fire and accusations of war crimes. Grief-stricken families and neighbors desperately searched through the rubble for survivors and recovered lifeless bodies. The Gazan health ministry, run by Hamas, reported that over 1,000 people were injured, killed, or missing from the strikes, although this number could not be independently verified. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights expressed concerns that the attacks may be disproportionate and amount to war crimes. Israeli officials have defended their actions, asserting that they are making efforts to prevent civilian casualties. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Israeli forces were making progress and nothing would stop them. The United Nations, aid organizations, and many countries have called for a cease-fire, while the Biden administration has only pushed for a humanitarian pause. Israel claims its airstrikes are targeting Hamas militants responsible for previous attacks. The intense bombardment has caused extreme destruction in Gaza, which is densely populated and already suffering from high unemployment rates and a three-week-long siege by Israel. The ground war has become increasingly intense, with Israeli troops engaged in face-to-face battles with Hamas in Gaza City. The Israeli military revised the number of people believed to be held hostage by Hamas and notified the families of soldiers killed in the fighting. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza has worsened, with the UN agency aiding Palestinians running out of essential supplies. However, Israel’s agency overseeing policy for the Palestinian territories denies the existence of a humanitarian crisis. Thousands of residents have sought to flee Gaza through the border with Egypt, but most are unable to leave due to lack of foreign citizenship.

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