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M80, a leading esports entity, has teamed up with new web3 gaming platform Forge to enhance gamer connectivity and rewards. This strategic move will see Forge’s branding on M80 teams and the introduction of unified gaming profiles. With M80 pros as Forge ambassadors, the partnership emphasizes showcasing and rewarding gamers’ achievements across various titles.

In a move to bolster its offerings to gamers and expand its reach, international gaming and esports conglomerate M80 announced a strategic partnership with the recently launched web3 gaming platform, Forge. This collaboration aims to further integrate the world of gaming and esports, providing an enhanced experience for players.

As part of the alliance, Forge’s brand will be prominently displayed across M80’s esports teams, increasing its visibility in the competitive gaming arena. The partnership’s broader ambition, however, is to bridge the gap between different gaming titles and platforms, offering a more cohesive and rewarding experience for gamers.

“Gamers have long sought more intuitive ways to showcase their achievements across the diverse universe of games and platforms,” Marco Mereu, CEO and Co-Founder of M80, pointed out.

“By integrating Forge’s advanced technology into our ecosystem, we are laying the foundation for an augmented M80 community where fans can proudly display their gaming milestones.”

M80 aims to bring innovation in the esports and gaming space and find new ways to reward its community, and players, for being a part of the M80 family. In May, M80 raised $3 million in a seed funding round led by ExpertDojo, with VT Technology Ventures and Practical Venture Capital also participating.

Notably, the partnership will also witness M80’s professional players joining the Forge platform as both users and ambassadors. This move signifies the credibility and trust M80 places in Forge’s offerings. Moreover, M80’s talents will star in educational and promotional content developed by Forge, emphasizing the platform’s ability to unify major game titles and its potential rewards like in-game currency and cosmetics.

Ben Goldhaber, Forge’s Senior Director of Marketing, shed light on the company’s mission: “Our goal with Forge is to seamlessly merge disparate gaming profiles, providing gamers with a singular platform that epitomizes their gaming identity while also rewarding their accomplishments. The alliance with M80 takes us a step closer to that vision by putting our platform in the spotlight of a fervent and diverse gaming audience.”

Launched barely a month ago on October 18, Forge has already made significant strides in the gaming industry, securing a substantial $11 million in seed funding from reputed investors like Makers Fund, BITKRAFT Ventures, and Animoca Brands. With industry stalwarts such as Dennis “Thresh” Fong (founder of Xfire), Kun Gao (founder of Crunchyroll), and George Ng (founder of Cyance) at its helm, the platform is well-positioned for rapid growth and innovation.

For the uninitiated, Forge offers a unique proposition—allowing gamers to consolidate their achievements, experiences, and profiles across various platforms, getting recognized and rewarded for their contributions and engagement. Those interested can explore the platform by registering at

This M80-Forge partnership underscores the evolving landscape of the gaming industry, where the boundaries between competitive esports, casual gaming, and platforms are becoming increasingly fluid. It will be exciting to witness the innovations and opportunities this alliance brings to the fore in the coming months.

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