Friday, May 24, 2024

Last week I had the chance to play a preview build of Psychonauts 2 and it completely blew me away. It’s weird, wonderful and wild and a serious contender for GOTY (Game of the Year).

The original Psychonauts debuted in 2005 and was an incredibly fun action platformer. I recently went back and gave it another go to refresh my memory before getting my hands on the sequel. Safe to say, it still holds up and I love the characters and world that Double Fine created.

It’s hard to believe the sequel is finally here after all these years. It was originally announced by publisher Double Fine in 2015, after a successful crowdfunding campaign and is now gearing up for launch next month. The preview I played let me explore a number of early levels in the game and I was very impressed. It certainly seems like it’s worth the wait.

Psychonauts 2 kicks off with a video summarizing the events of the original game and the VR sequel Rhombus of Ruin. Which is good because I’m sure most people will need the refresher. I barely remember what I watched on the weekend. I also never experienced the VR game but it picks up right from the cliffhanger the first game finished on.

The sequel has you once again playing as Razputin, or Raz for short, on his journey to become a fully-fledged psychic agent. You start your play-through in the inner workings of Dy. Caligosto Loboto’s brain. Being a dentist, his mind is filled with teeth, gums and all the fun tools a dentist uses on your gaping mouth. It’s gross, weird and really fun to explore.

You quickly learn the Psychonauts might have a mole problem, and it’s up you and your fellow interns to dicover the truth and save the day. Pyschonauts 2 is filled with characters and cut scenes, more than you’d probably expect from a platformer, which really helps build this unique world. The writing is wicked sharp and the characters are each unique and intriguing. I’m very excited to learn more about each character when I get my hands on the full game. It’s got a lot of humour and heart, and the jokes for the most part actually land which can be hard to do in a video game.

Combat is drastically improved from the first game and there are plenty of new baddies to face and take down. There’s plenty of new powers as well, so you longer just rely on punch and psi-blast. Raz has been working out since we last saw him.

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