Monday, March 4, 2024

Journalists were given access to northern Gaza for four hours on Saturday to witness the Israeli military’s progress in their fight against Hamas. The damage caused by the fighting was evident, with a school wall in ruins, a mosque minaret tilting, and a beachfront villa with a missing roof. Thousands of troops marched through the area, leaving behind wrecked buildings and abandoned homes as Palestinian residents fled south. Lt. Col. Iddo Ben-Anat, an Israeli officer accompanying the journalists, expressed confidence that Hamas had been forced out of their bases in the area. However, the sounds of constant gunfire and explosions reminded everyone that the war is far from over. The Israeli military is moving closer to Gaza City, where more intense and bloodier battles are expected as Hamas fighters are believed to have established themselves in an extensive underground tunnel network. The danger posed by hidden Hamas militants is constant, and the journalists experienced this firsthand as mortar shells and roadside bombs exploded nearby during their tour. To truly defeat Hamas, Israel will need to capture all of Gaza, but this will potentially come at the cost of catastrophic civilian losses. The civilians in Gaza City are fearful of the approaching Israeli army and rely on the sound of gunfire to stay informed about the progress of the conflict since many do not have internet access.

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