Friday, July 19, 2024

Serving a meal is more than just about feeding your guests. Amanda Reynal, an interior designer in Des Moines, says “It’s about people and sharing a moment together. The visual, the scent, the taste, and the sound of your loved ones or friends around you are all critical to creating an unforgettable experience.” Setting a beautiful table can be rewarding for any special meal, as it makes them feel like they matter, because you’ve taken the time to show you care. Tips for setting a beautiful table include making sure you have the right space for everyone, choosing a theme, layering the table, and using what’s available to you. But most important is to not get so swept up in designing a beautiful table that you forget to enjoy the meal with your guests. Always set the table before your guests arrive. Additionally, consider how the table will function as the evening progresses and plan accordingly. Always strive to be a relaxed and present host when welcoming people into your home.

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