Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Aragon ZK Research and Aztec joined forces to research private voting for Nouns DAO over the last few months. They have just concluded their research with a proof-of-concept and both general and technical reports. They also developed two time-locked cryptography protocols to support their work. The Nouns DAO Private Voting Research Sprint was funded by Nouns DAO, a social and cultural DAO known to push the edges of governance experimentation, to research solutions for private voting. Three teams were funded, including one team composed of Aragon ZK Research and Aztec. They had three months to complete their research and deliver findings. In the research sprint, they sought to answer the following primary question: Up to which point is it possible to build a user-friendly, trustless (decentralized), fair (no one can count votes before a given time), weighted (voting power depends on the amount of tokens hold/delegated), and ballot-secret (it is impossible to link a voter with a choice) voting system in Ethereum? The promising progress achieved throughout the sprint makes it very possible, and they have a demo to prove it! The only parameter not addressed in this research was weighted. This proof of concept allows one vote per NFT. So, if you own two NFTs, you will need to cast a ballot for each NFT separately. The teams built a proof of concept that demonstrates how trustless private voting on Ethereum is possible. They also detailed the steps to register your wallet, create the voting process, cast your vote, and tally the votes. Some tasks are in the roadmap for production, and Aragon ZK Research will be extending their research to an Aragon OSx plugin to allow entirely private votes for DAOs built on Aragon OSx. Aztec Labs will continue contributing to Noir’s development to enhance the experiences with trustless private voting. For more information about their research and specific details, you can explore their documentation and repositories.

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