Friday, July 12, 2024

We can’t wait to connect with you at EthGlobal Paris! Check out the talk and bounties to get inspiration to start building unstoppable organizations on the blockchain.

Aragon OSx: Meet the Unix of Ethereum

Friday, July 21: 2:00 pm Workshop Room 2

Our Lead Developer of the OSx team, Jordi, will be giving a talk at EthGlobal Paris. He’ll be sharing how the design of Aragon OSx is modular and adaptable, likening it to the Unix of Ethereum. You don’t want to miss this talk, especially if you’re thinking about building on our stack, so make sure to save this event info!

Check out the details here.

Bounties: build for a chance to win $2,500 per bounty

We have two bounties live at Eth Global Paris, each worth $2,500. So, get ready to code!

For help, you can join the EthGlobal Discord server and find the Aragon channel. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Description: Like many other projects in the ecosystem, Aragon came out of the need to solve some of the world’s largest issues. Corruption, climate change, terrorism— these are threats the world must solve together. And yet building together often requires trust among strangers and can lead to centralization of power.

To solve this, Aragon OSx is a DAO framework, enabling communities to manage their assets in a decentralized and trustless way. Through its modular architecture, organizations can easily install and uninstall plugins into their DAOs, enabling greater transparency within communities.

Through this prize, we want to see teams use crypto to solve a pressing issue within your communities—be it the oversight of a property or public good (like a park or a school), the incentive of certain collective behaviors (like using tokens for rewards and voting power), the management of assets for a specific mission, or any other idea that comes to mind! Whether you decide to build your own plugin, dApp or custom DAO— we’re looking for fun, creative projects who want to leverage the power of onchain governance to solve a problem in their local community and make the world a better place.


  • Must be a solution to a local problem or need (wherever local is to you) – i.e. park management, neighborhood elections, university clubs, etc.
  • Submission can be a dApp, an Aragon OSx plugin, or any other prototype.
  • Submission needs to leverage Aragon in some way (App, OSx, CLI, SDK).
  • Must submit a project description, a pitch including a demo, a Github repository with a README on how to run the project, as well as a working prototype.
  • Bonus points for creativity and innovation!

Judging Criteria

  • Having an innovative solution to a local problem
  • Understanding and usage of Aragon OSx
  • Meeting the requirements
  • Bonus points for a user-friendly UX and good docs

Bounty 2: Build a plugin that helps DAOs raise funds

Description: During the last bull run, DAOs proved to be a great mechanism for raising funds. Projects like ConstitutionDAO, for example, were able to show the world how raising funds in crypto could lead to “real-world” actions and impact.

Some examples of characteristics that have made this possible:

  • DAO tokens added to liquidity pools. This enables DAO tokens to be instantly exchanged with other assets, granting them liquidity and value.
  • Bonding curves as a way of ossifying the relationship between token price and supply.
  • Rage quit functionality, meaning a person can leave the DAO and take a representative share of the treasury’s value based on how many DAO tokens they own.
  • Other non-technical characteristics like good marketing, relatable mission, good roadmap, trusted team, etc.

With this bounty, we want to see an Aragon OSx Plugin that enables DAOs to raise funds easily—be it through facilitating any of the above mentioned examples, or through crafting your own strategy. All ideas are valid.


  • Facilitate Aragon DAOs to raise funds
  • Leverage Aragon OSx
  • Be at least deployed to a testnet chain
  • Include a demo and documentation on how to get the project up and running locally

Judging Criteria

  • Effectiveness of the solution to raise funds for DAOs.
  • Understanding and usage of Aragon OSx
  • Meeting of the requirements.
  • Bonus points for a user-friendly UX and great docs.


Resources to Get Started

Whether you’re building a plugin for one of these bounties, or building something completely new, grab these resources to get started!

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