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Since its beginning, Road to the Show (RTTS) has been a beloved game mode among baseball video game enthusiasts. Let’s take a close look at this feature. If you want to read a comprehensive MLB The Show 23 review that covers all the features of this baseball sim, I recommend the one written by Marius on Medium. So, let’s review the Road to the Show, and start with something easy:

Why Road to the Show (RTTS) is important?

By allowing players to create a personalized character and work their way up in professional baseball, it provides an immersive and entertaining experience.

The Sense of Progression and Accomplishment in RTTS

One of the key strengths of RTTS is the sense of progression and accomplishment that players feel while developing their characters.

Potential Improvements in RTTS

While RTTS already allows for a high degree of personalization in terms of player appearance, fans have suggested the addition of more options when it comes to choosing a character’s backstory or personality traits.

This could help make each player feel more unique and distinct, adding to the overall sense of immersion and ownership.


A Highly Enjoyable and Unique Game Mode

Despite the potential areas for improvement, RTTS remains a highly enjoyable and unique game mode within the world of baseball video games. It is one of the many game modes in MLB The Show 23.

The ability to create a personalized character and climb the ranks of professional baseball offers players an immersive and engaging experience.


In conclusion, RTTS is a game mode that has captured the hearts of many baseball video game enthusiasts. The meticulous attention paid by the game’s developers to imbue every interaction with an authentic and true-to-life quality is noteworthy. Whether it be the nuanced conversations with coaches and teammates or navigating the perils of media interviews, every single decision you make bears the potential to impact the trajectory of your player’s career.

It is without a doubt that MLB The Show 23 stands out as an indispensable addition to the collection of both avid baseball enthusiasts and gamers. MLB The Show 23 is the best baseball game you can play this moment. The game’s unparalleled focus on detail and immersive gameplay guarantee that you’ll be engrossed for countless hours of uninterrupted gameplay, ensuring an experience that is endlessly replayable.

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