Tuesday, June 25, 2024

In the NFL’s 103-year history, five games have never been decided by game-winning field goals on the same Sunday. This week, however, it occurred with victories from the Cardinals, Browns, Lions, Texans, and Seahawks, all claiming their wins at the buzzer. Of the 13 games in Week 10, 10 have been decided by one score or less, and almost 70 percent of the games this season have been within eight points.

In other news, the Steelers are still winning while the Packers continue to lose. The Lions under Dan Campbell stand at 7-2. The Cowboys defeated the Giants 49-17, and Deshaun Watson had a notable performance as a Brown.

The Patriots’ situation is worsening, and serious questions are arising about Bill Belichick’s future. DeMeco Ryans’ Texans seem to be making strides. Kyler Murray made his official return after a long absence and began making notable plays again.

The Vikings have had a peculiar season, notably with Josh Dobbs, although not seriously, being suggested as an MVP. They started 0-3, lost their franchise quarterback for the year, and their All-Pro wideout for a month, yet have managed to win five in a row. Dobbs’ performance with the Vikings has been impressive considering he’s only been with the team for 12 days and has proven to be a valuable asset for the team.

The Patriots’ disappointing 10-6 loss to the Colts has raised doubts about Bill Belichick’s future. The team is experiencing their worst start to a season since Belichick’s first year in New England. The Patriots are struggling predominantly on the offensive end and their faith in rookie quarterback Mac Jones seems to be diminishing.

The Texans’ rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud led his team to a victory against the Bengals with a game-winning drive, solidifying his resilience and ability to perform under pressure. Stroud has shown impressive stats, placing him among the league’s top rookie quarterbacks.

The 49ers turned things around with a dominant win over the Jaguars, silencing concerns about their recent losing streak. Quarterback Brock Purdy was impressive and the defense was able to stifle the Jaguars, proving that the 49ers are still legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

The Browns managed to defeat the Ravens, with Deshaun Watson putting out an impressive performance despite a slow start.

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