Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Many of the antisemitic and anti-Islam posts have violated social media platform rules, despite getting hundreds of thousands of shares and likes. The Anti-Defamation League and other researchers found that the content was most prominent on X. In a recent analysis, the Anti-Defamation League discovered a surge in antisemitic content on X, far exceeding that of Facebook.

The surge in antisemitic content includes hashtags like #IsraeliNewNazism, #ZionistsAreEvil, #ZionistsAreNazis, and #HitlerWasRight. Other hashtags such as #DeathtotheJews, #DeathtoJews, #LevelGaza, #MuslimPig, and #KillMuslims have also appeared thousands of times over the last month.

Hate speech on TikTok and Facebook has been flagged and removed, although some veiled content still remains. For example, TikTok removed videos with the hashtag “Austrian painter” after it was brought to their attention. TikTok also took down 730,000 videos for violating hate speech rules from Oct. 7 to Oct. 13.

Platforms like X and Meta have enforced policies against hate speech, and messaging apps like Telegram have been used to seed hate speech in the conflict. One Telegram channel shared an image that sparked antisemitic comments on various social media platforms. The image eventually spread to 4chan and appeared in variations with Pepe the Frog.

Far-right activists have discussed the war as an opportunity to spread antisemitic sentiment to people who are normally ideological opposites. The rise in antisemitic content reflects a convergence of goals by far-right and far-left activists, as they try to lure an audience to their content.

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