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Starting out a career on various live streaming platforms

Starting out a career on various live streaming platforms can be rather rough and challenging, especially if you’re beginning from scratch in the most popular ones. For instance, Twitch had approximately 9.52 million active streamers as of February 2021. YouTube Gaming raked over 100 hours of watch time and more than 40 million gaming channels, and over 800 million people use Facebook Gaming to play various connected games. Carving a name for yourself with these humongous numbers can turn out to be more of a struggle than you’d initially expect it to be. If you want to achieve success and results in the streaming industry, you must become an efficient strategist. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen overnight. It requires time, patience, and a bit of luck for the odds to be on your side.

A Strategist? First off, let’s talk about being a Strategist when it comes to doing self-promotions. There are dozens to hundreds of different ways to promote your content and channel on the internet― but it doesn’t really guarantee solid results. What works for some may sadly not turn out well for you. You may learn from the best streamers to date but once you apply the same tips to your content, it may not turn out the same way you’d expect. To know which strategies work best for your goals, you must brace yourself for a trial and error process. You’re the only one who can figure out which strategies work for your channel. After all, it’s the one fool-proof way for you to discover which promotion tactics work best. This will save your precious time and effort from being wasted. With that in mind, here are 20 beginner-friendly tips to help you get your live streams discovered:

  1. Know your platform’s strength and weaknesses
  2. Figure out your selling point
  3. Do creative promotions
  4. Host or raid other similar channels
  5. Help others
  6. Make friends
  7. Promote on Social Media
  8. Rely on word-of-mouth promos
  9. Consider less-saturated games
  10. Host giveaways

Each of these tips has its own unique way of helping you get your live streams discovered, whether it’s through self-promotions or networking with other streamers. And remember, patience and dedication are key to achieving success in the streaming industry!

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