Monday, March 4, 2024

Father Time continues to reign supreme, but LeBron James has him barely holding on. As the 2023-24 NBA season got underway in Denver, James was already performing at a level that surpassed any previous player in league history after their 20th season. Now, in his 21st season, James is raising the bar even higher.

He is currently averaging more points (26.4 points per game) than the other five players who played a 21st season combined (24.0). His performance this season is particularly impressive because, at 38 years old, he has somehow become even more efficient. Through 13 games, James is displaying career-high shooting percentages in numerous categories, including field goal percentage, 2-point percentage, effective field goal percentage, and true shooting percentage. His success in 3-point range nearly matches his highest career mark from the 2012-13 season. Such impressive efficiency is especially notable considering that James is currently dealing with a left calf contusion.

In addition, James is performing at an MVP level for the Lakers, who have won five of their past six games largely thanks to his contributions. His impressive statistics and on-court performance place him as a top-10 player in most advanced metrics, projecting him as an All-NBA first- or second-team forward. Furthermore, he has excelled in clutch moments, helping the Lakers secure victories in games that have featured clutch minutes.

James’ increased efficiency is accompanied by a different offensive approach, taking advantage of his ability to read defenders and teammates at speed. Emphasizing his role as a dangerous off-ball threat has led to the Lakers using his abilities in different ways, ultimately benefiting the team’s offense.

This season, James has achieved his highest share of shot attempts at the rim and is also excelling beyond the arc. Despite an intention for decreased usage this season, the Lakers continue to rely heavily on James for their success on both ends of the court. His impact on the team’s performance is evident when comparing their performance with and without him on the floor.

It’s undeniable that, at nearly 39 years old, James’ production levels and on-court performance are remarkable – making it hard to believe he is already well into his third decade in the league.

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