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OnePlus is preparing for a major showcase in early December, and just before the event, there’s an alleged leak of the upcoming OnePlus Buds 3 schematics from the FCC.

Known for teasing its fans with tidbits of information about its flagship smartphones, OnePlus has announced a showcase scheduled for early December, possibly to unveil the rumored OnePlus 12. The teaser was shared on Weibo and loosely translates to “People who meet will meet again” with an invitation to chat around the fire at 19:00 on December 4. The official promotional image for the company’s 10th birthday can be seen below.

Oneplus Is Heading For A Big December 2023

CEO Pete Lau appears in the center of the clock and appears to be pointing to the number 12, suggesting the official announcement of the flagship 12 smartphone. OnePlus China President Li JieLouis has also hinted at a “new generation of ultra-light imaging system” in the upcoming flagship, surpassing the image capabilities of all previous OnePlus smartphones.

Although there’s no official announcement regarding the OnePlus 12, the 10-year anniversary event is scheduled for December 4 instead of their previously declared birthday of December 17.

OnePlus Buds 3 Schematics Allegedly Leaked by the FCC

OnePlus is no stranger to leaks, and this time, alleged FCC leaks reveal details about the upcoming OnePlus Buds 3, which share similarities with the current Buds Pro 2. Notable specifications have been leaked and can be seen below.

Oneplus Is Heading For A Big December 2023

It’s interesting to note that the previous Buds 2 Pro have a 60mAh battery while the forecasted Buds 3 may have a 58mAh battery, but the design is very similar. This suggests that OnePlus could be offering a set of wireless earbuds with ANC at a more consumer-friendly price with a professional presentation similar to the Buds Pro 2.

While leaks and speculations build anticipation, it’s important to take them with a grain of salt until the official event on December 4.

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