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Here’s what we know about the Israeli citizens released on Sunday.
Avigail Idan, 4
Avigail Idan
Credit…Hostages and Missing Families Forum Avigail’s parents, Roy Idan, 43, and Smadar Idan, 38, were killed in Kfar Aza during the Oct. 7 attack. Her two siblings Michael, 9, and Amelia, 6, both survived.

Avigail, who is a dual Israeli and U.S. citizen, turned 4 years old while in captivity. Her name has also been spelled “Abigail” in the U.S. media.

President Biden has discussed Avigail in his public remarks and expressed particular gratitude for her release when he spoke to reporters on Sunday before leaving for Washington from Nantucket, Mass., where he marked the Thanksgiving holiday.

Avigail’s uncle and aunt, Amit and Tal Idan, have been taking care of her siblings since the attack.

On the morning of Oct. 7, as terrorists swarmed the kibbutz, Smadar Idan was shot in front of her children, Tal Idan said she was told by Michael and Amelia. Roy Idan was outside the house, holding Avigail in his arms. As Michael and Amelia ran to their father, they watched him get shot and killed while holding their sister. They assumed she was also dead and raced back into their home.
Covered in her father’s blood, Avigail ran toward a neighbor, her aunt said. The man brought Avigail into his home to hide with his wife and children and then left the house to find a gun. “Ten minutes later, when he got back, all were gone,” Ms. Idan said
After 14 hours of hiding in a closet with their mother’s body on the other side of a fabric partition, Michael and Amelia were rescued by an Israeli soldier and brought to their uncle, Ms. Idan said.
“They are not OK,” she said of Michael and Amelia. “They hear the wind blow, and they are shaking.”

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