Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Former Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, has been extensively traveling to campaign against Donald J. Trump’s march to the Republican nomination. In New Hampshire living rooms and the homes of Israeli families affected by Hamas, Christie has criticized the former president as unfit to lead, antidemocratic, and an aspiring dictator. Six months into Christie’s presidential primary bid, he is being encouraged by Republicans who share his goal of defeating Trump to drop out of the race. They suggest him endorsing Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina governor who has recently gained popularity in early-voting states. The anti-Trump Republicans are anxious as they approach the final weeks before the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 15 without any of the six candidates challenging Trump having made much of an impact. They are now running out of time.

Mr. Christie’s claim on the race is different. According to him, the candidates running against Trump, including himself, did not take Trump’s candidacy seriously enough. He argues that to beat Trump, it is necessary to go out and make a case as to why he’s not right for the job and why you are. However, with Mr. Trump maintaining a dominant lead, Mr. Christie’s small foothold on the New Hampshire electorate might not make a significant difference. Polling stats indicate that only about half of Mr. Christie’s support in New Hampshire would go to Ms. Haley, while the rest would be distributed among the other candidates. Despite claims from Mr. Christie’s advisors about his unique role in the race, calls for him to drop out are getting louder.

Mr. Christie is sticking to his pledge to keep his campaign going until the Republican convention in July, but some strategists are urging him to reconsider and think about exiting the race much sooner.

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