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The DAO Rulemaking Hackathon, which has been held every Wednesday since November 15th to discuss the state of laws regarding DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), was held for the fourth time on December 6th. . As it was the final meeting, more people gathered in conference room 101 on the first floor of the Liberal Democratic Party headquarters than in the past three meetings. This time, presentations were made by SOKO Lifetech, Makigumi, Tales & Tokens, Sparkle Michinoku DAO, DeNA, and Neo Yamakoshi Village Caretaker DAO Ushi no Kakuzutsu fan club. At the front of the conference room were the aforementioned businesses, and as usual, the organizers were Congressman Takuya Hirai, head of the Liberal Democratic Party’s Digital Society Promotion Headquarters, Congressman Masaaki Taira, chairperson of web3PT, and Congressman Hideto Kawasaki, secretary general of the same party. The seats lined up at the venue were filled by members of Congress, various ministries and agencies, Web3PT personnel, and DAO operators who came to observe the event. The hackathon started with an opening declaration by Congressman Kawasaki, who served as moderator and facilitator. Representative Taira said, “After the four hackathons, I would like to summarize the points at issue and how we will develop the rules, and let you all know. At the same time, technology is progressing rapidly and the situation is changing. “We are always looking for a system of regulations that can respond to the evolution of technology while maintaining relationships,” he said. Congressman Hirai went on to say, “This is probably the first time that we have undertaken such an initiative in the process of creating a new system. I believe that we were able to continue a very fruitful discussion. From next year onwards, I hope that everyone will take the plunge and move forward with this initiative.” “We would like to support not only the rules but also the tax system so that we can move forward.” Reference article: Crypto assets issued by other companies to be removed from end-of-period mark-to-market taxation: Report

Below is a summary of each business operator’s presentation and the discussion that followed:

  • SOKO Life Tech – “web3 model town” in June 2022 of As an initiative announced in Shiwa Town, Iwate Prefecture, Issue tokens for local residents’ volunteer activities, etc. “ Help To Earn” Introducing the “Digital Shiwa Town Citizen System” etc. Winding set As a means of resolving the problem of vacant houses, which is increasing due to aging and population decline, residents can participate in the management of the house. DAO type share house Introducing “Roopt DAO”.
  • Tales & Tokens – Introducing the efforts of TONO DAO, which operates in Tono City, Iwate Prefecture, based on dynamic NFTs that change depending on user behavior and experiential NFTs that combine check-in functions linked to stores and tourist spots.
  • Sparkle Michinoku DAO – Introducing the efforts of Michinoku DAO, a venture capital company headquartered in Tohoku that aims to revitalize and revitalize regions by connecting entrepreneurs and businesspeople with local companies, educational institutions, governments, and financial institutions.
  • DeNA – Titled “Utilization of DAO in the Ehime Prefecture Web3.0 Human Resource Development Verification Project,” we introduced the “Mican NFT” initiative with the theme of creator economy.
  • Neo Yamakoshi Village Caretaker DAO/Ushi no Kakutsuki Fan Club – “Yamakoshi DAO” was the earliest example of the use of DAO in regional revitalization. From there, we will introduce the updated “Neo Yamakoshi Village”, the “Caretaker DAO” that operates it, and the efforts of the “Gyu no Kakutsuki Fan Club”, which is in the process of becoming a DAO. “How strangers can work safely online”

As with the previous three hackathons, each business operator’s presentation pointed out issues such as corporate status, tax system, and anonymity. The participation and involvement of local governments was raised as an issue. At the third hackathon, there was a discussion on how to handle “smart contracts” as a definition of DAO, but this time there were several opinions that DAO was being interpreted in the “broadest definition,” and specifically, Remarks such as “How to help strangers work safely online” and “An organization where people can bring their strengths to the table for a common purpose” were memorable. On the other hand, it was pointed out that “smart contracts are as easy as holding a school festival.” Although the stances of the two parties seem to be polar opposites, they shared the understanding that smart contracts, NFTs, and tokens are just tools, and it is important to use them skillfully for the original purpose of the DAO. Also, at the venue, an initiative to use My Number cards for KYC (identity verification) of DAO members was introduced, and one of the business operators who gave a presentation said, “We are actually moving forward with the discussion.” This is the end of the “DAO Rule Make Hackathon,” which was held four times. In his concluding remarks, Councilor Taira said, “The four hackathons have ended, and a variety of issues have come up.I don’t think it will be possible to set a single rule and cover everything,” and “We’ve put a break on it, but we will continue to discuss it in the future.” I would like to continue doing these kinds of initiatives.” Furthermore, Representative Hirai said, “Since so many people across Japan are thinking about the future of Japan and are working on it, our team will also contribute our wisdom on issues surrounding the DAO, and maintain this network to engage in discussions.” “I want to move forward,” he said, “This is a start,” indicating his willingness to work toward new developments, including tax reform. We will keep you updated on future web3PT opinions gathering and rule-making initiatives. |Text/Editing: CoinDesk JAPAN Editorial Department |Source: Liberal Democratic Party web3PT |Photo: CoinDesk JAPAN Editorial Department

source: coindeskjapan

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