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TONE Coin introduction plan
On the 8th, Freebit Co., Ltd., which provides cheap smartphones, announced plans to introduce a new point system “TONE Coin” through the Tone Mobile brand.
This system rewards users who contribute to the operation of TONE Chain, an Ethereum-compatible layer 1 blockchain that runs on smartphones, with TONE Coins as a reward. It is scheduled to start from February 1, 2024.
By running a dedicated app in the background while charging their smartphone, users can provide surplus resources (power, CPU, etc.) and earn TONE Coins. “TONE Coin” is worth 100 yen per coin and can be used for Tone Mobile’s monthly usage fee.
However, this “real value exchange” is limited to appropriation for service fees, and direct monetary exchange is not possible. Additionally, exchange rates may change in the future.
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Aim of TONE Chain
Through TONE Coin, Freebit aims to build the world’s largest “decentralized” blockchain community in an environmentally friendly manner.
“TONE Chain” is said to be the world’s first attempt to provide ceiling (staking) rewards on a mobile blockchain, and is said to be the fourth largest in the world in terms of number of nodes, comparable to the distributed file system “Filecoin”.

Source: Freebit

Furthermore, FreeBit is developing a user-cooperative demonstration experiment project “TONE Labo” that supports the Web3, Metaverse, and 5G era, and participating customers will be provided with Tone Mobile’s original terminal “TONE e22” at a special price. are doing.
In addition, in the announcement on the 8th, Freebit introduced a new shareholder return method that provides all shareholders with access to TONE Chain and shareholder NFTs. As a result, in addition to traditional shareholder benefits, FreeBit shareholders will be able to use their smartphones to operate “TONE Chain” and receive rewards in the virtual currency “TONE Coin.”
FreeBit aims to operate a decentralized and highly secure community in accordance with the spirit of Web3 and DAO, and is also making strategic investments involving Web3 and the 5G lifestyle support business “TONE.”
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