Thursday, May 23, 2024

America’s largest crypto exchange, Coinbase, has been making adjustments to its crypto wallet app in order to improve user experience. The platform also revealed a new listing and added support for the Base lending protocol, Seamless.

On December 12, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong discussed the changes to the wallet, mentioning a new “simple mode” focused on payments.

Armstrong highlighted the ability to instantly, globally, and for free send USDC on Base as an example of the platform’s new features. He also mentioned plans to experiment with making this the default mode in frontier markets to ease user onboarding.

Improving user experience and simplifying the interface is a key goal for Coinbase as it seeks to make crypto more accessible to beginners.

In addition to the wallet changes, Coinbase Assets announced support for Seamless (SEAM) on the Base network, making it the first Base native project token to be traded on the platform.

Seamless is a lending and borrowing protocol layer-2 protocol on Base, with its flagship product being Integrated Liquidity Markets (ILM). The protocol recently airdropped SEAM tokens to users based on their activity within the protocol.

Despite regulatory battles in the US affecting its stock price, Coinbase has seen significant growth this year and remains one of the top crypto platforms in the country.

Overall, Coinbase continues to make changes and advancements to improve its platform and user experience.

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