Thursday, May 23, 2024

Members of Congress Announce Plans to Leave

Dozens of members of Congress have announced plans to leave their seats in the House of Representatives, setting a rapid pace for congressional departures, with more expected as the 2024 election draws closer.

Given Republicans’ razor-thin House majority, the wave of exits has the potential to lead to a significant shake-up next year.

Notable Retirements through Dec. 14, 2023
22 Democratic retirements announced
Races rated by Cook Political Report as competitive

Some lawmakers are leaving after serving in Congress for decades, while a number of others have come more recently. Many in both categories have cited frustration saying rancor and dysfunction have gripped the institution in recent years.

Retirements for past years are those that resulted in an open seat in the general election.
Effective 2020 Presidential Vote Margins

Few of the departures that have been announced so far are expected to alter the balance of power in the closely divided House, where a vast majority of seats are gerrymandered to be safe for one of the two political parties. But unseating an incumbent is much more challenging than winning an open seat, giving both Republicans and Democrats some opportunities to pick up seats.

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