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On December 7th in Miami, Barbara Guggenheim and Alan Joel Patricof signed their prenuptial agreement before embarking on their usual fast-paced lives that revolve around their successful careers. According to Ms. Guggenheim, Mr. Patricof is always on the go, and the same goes for her. That morning, while clients awaited her at the Art Basel in Miami, the couple felt a love that made their marriage an obvious choice.

The couple met in the early 1970s in Manhattan before they became successful in their respective fields. They were part of a social circle that included mutual friends. As they recall, they had infrequent dinner gatherings as a group of six. They had always admired their personalities and found common ground in their shared passion for art and work ethic.

Mr. Patricof started his business, Alan Patricof Associates, before venture capital was recognized. He later moved on to establish Apax Partners and Greycroft Partners, and co-founded Primetime Partners. Growing up in a tight-knit family, Mr. Patricof learned the importance of hard work. Meanwhile, Ms. Guggenheim built her career as an art advisor and founder of Guggenheim, Asher Associates. She has a strong background in art history and finance from Columbia and Rutgers universities.

Aside from their careers, both led enduring first marriages. Following the loss of their spouses, they found themselves turning to each other for companionship. After blind dates and time spent together, they realized that they wanted to be with each other. They prioritized their relationship, considering it to be built on love rather than mere convenience.

The couple was surprised to learn of rumors spread by friends, which led to misunderstandings regarding an engagement. However, taking a long walk in East Hampton, they were able to discuss their feelings for each other. The acquaintance’s comment led to a lighthearted and unexpected side of their relationship.

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