Thursday, May 23, 2024

Democrats in battleground states are increasingly nervous about President Biden’s low approval ratings, worried that this could cost the party the White House and impact candidates on their shared ballot. These concerns arise amidst evidence showing that Biden trails behind Democratic candidates for congressional seats and is struggling with key voter groups, such as Black and Latino Americans.

In states like Arizona, Michigan, and Georgia, support for Biden among specific voter demographics has waned, leading Democratic officials and strategists to fear that the Biden campaign may be late to develop a strong presence in pivotal states. Mayor Van Johnson of Savannah, Georgia said, “I’m extremely concerned. President Biden is a man of great character. Certainly, he’s a president of great accomplishments. But that is not translating to southeast Georgia.”

Biden’s campaign team insists that the race will change once voters understand that Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee next month. They argue that the campaign will shift from a referendum on Biden to a choice between Biden and Trump. Despite this, some Democrats remain unconvinced and voiced a lack of excitement and passion around Biden’s campaign.

The good news for Biden is that the Democratic party has a winning streak since Trump took office in 2017. But some Democrats are worried about new trends that suggest young voters blame Biden for the Supreme Court’s decision ending the constitutional right to abortion.

In response, Biden’s campaign has started to pivot to a more assertive messaging strategy, but some officials and strategists remain concerned about Biden’s impact on the party’s candidates in the 2024 election when he leads their ticket. They suggest focusing on local issues to create a distinction between themselves and the president in congressional and state races.

Some Democratic candidates in tough races are adopting this approach, focusing solely on defeating their opponents and the current presidential campaign. Others, like Representative Elissa Slotkin in Michigan, are privately concerned about how Biden’s low standing will impact her Senate race next year.

Democratic consultant Morgan Jackson believes that voters have not yet tuned into the 2024 race and that election dynamics could be different this year, given the independent candidates mounting presidential bids. Nonetheless, the campaign is under pressure to fully engage its coalition amid concerns about Biden’s underperformance.

Overall, there is a growing concern among Democrats about President Biden’s low approval ratings and how they might impact the upcoming presidential and congressional elections. Some are hopeful that a more assertive messaging strategy and a focus on local issues will help mitigate the potential impact on down-ballot candidates.

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