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NBA 2K24 runs on the new ProPLAY system, which translates real-life NBA footage into the game as animations. The smoothness and realism of the game that we have repeatedly praised in this review can be attributed to this change. The new animations we see from this system include dribble moves, jump shots, dunks, and even celebrations. This makes every single NBA player feel unique to use. Because 2K is ultimately a video game, the animations they used have generally been a lot more fast-paced when compared to its real-life counterpart to make it match with the programming. This time around, the animations are exactly how they are in real life, slowing the game down a little bit and further resembling real basketball games.

Unleash your inner basketball pro with NBA 2K24 on the PS5.

Is $69.99 Worth It? Evaluating NBA 2K24’s Pricing

Despite being the best basketball game right now, NBA 2K24 is priced starting at $69.99. This is not the kind of title for players used to buy cheap PS5 games, however, some retailers manage to lower the price a little, so you can benefit from the reduction. It may seem like a reasonable price, and to most it is. However, players who enjoy online MyPlayer game modes are once again going to have to go through either a tedious grind or a 99OVR-sized hole in their pockets. It’s excellent value for the money for players who enjoy their quick-play games and MyLeagues, but there’s no doubt that the MyPlayer game modes are going to require big investments, whether it be time-wise or financially.

Experience the electrifying world of slam dunks and three-pointers in NBA 2K24.

An Annual Tradition: NBA 2K24’s Release Pattern

Despite the annual release pattern that 2K still implements, NBA 2K24 has succeeded in taking the right steps for the development of basketball games. Apart from improvements in terms of visuals, the gameplay here feels so authentic and fluid thanks to the responsive controls. Even though there are changes, veteran players will still feel familiar with the gameplay presented. If you are one of those people who buy annual games only when there are big changes, now is the time for you to buy NBA 2K24.

Get ready for a slam-tastic gaming experience with NBA 2K24 even outside the court.

Authenticity and Fluidity: NBA 2K24’s Gameplay

The NBA 2K24 Gameplay reveal is live, marking the first of many expected to arrive over the next three-plus weeks. As many fans know, gameplay is everything in video games and consists of the very essence each caters. In sports video games, this is especially the case, where the smallest of blemishes can stick out like a sore thumb and cause an unpleasant experience. NBA 2K24’s soundtrack harmonizes seamlessly with the on-screen action, elevating the gaming experience to a sensory masterpiece that resonates with every pass and slam dunk. Everything works together to provide the best sports simulation possible.

Conclusion: Unveiling the Future of NBA 2K

Overall, I’ll say NBA 2K24 delivers an enjoyable gameplay experience. Both casual and hardcore players will have fun (and some complaints) playing NBA 2K24. While it doesn’t introduce drastic changes, this decision aligns with the incremental delivery philosophy, or in other words: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Maintaining the core gameplay experience seems to be the guiding idea, and it is a good one, guaranteeing a predictable result. As it is, NBA 2K24 is among the best sports video games today. However, a minor issue arises when players occasionally move too quickly into the paint, leading to turnovers with minimal input. While this doesn’t happen frequently, it’s worth noting.

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