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Tron Founder Justin Sun has eulogized Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of the Ethereum protocol for his technological insights. In the long post, he shared on the X platform, the Tron Founder also mentioned the role he played in Ethereum’s early development while also disclosing the similarities he shares with the Ethereum co-founder.
Tron Founder Aligning Interests With Vitalik Buterin
Justin Sun revealed that his relationship with Vitalik Buterin is longer than most people in the industry realize. He said his encounter with Vitalik dates back to 2015 when he just entered Jack Ma’s Hupan University in a bid to make a dive into the crypto world.
He said he and Vitalik Buterin discussed Ethereum, the crypto project that just launched at the time. While the Tron Founder acknowledged he had bought a massive quantity of Ethereum at the time, he said there was no active wallet to store the acquired assets. This made him suggest to Vitalik that there is a need to build a decentralized wallet with many prototypes presented to him by the latter.

I have known @VitalikButerin for eight years now. Vitalik is younger than me, but his insights far exceed mine. I have always been able to learn from Vitalik. Although in the Crypto world, many people may see us as representatives of different values in the crypto world, as if we…
— H.E. Justin Sun 孙宇晨 (@justinsuntron) December 29, 2023

Justin Sun acknowledged that though after close to a decade, he and Vitalik Buterin are building in different ways, the underlying ideology remains the same. The Tron Founder said he and Vitalik agree on the concept of decentralization. He believes that should a protocol founder be taken out, the network ought to run effectively no matter what.
Commenting on “auditability,” Justin Sun said, “anyone should be able to verify the logic of applications and continuously run a full node to ensure that the program runs according to the instructions of open-source documentation.”
The same goes for other core blockchain concepts including open global participation and neutrality among other concepts.
Justin Sun in the Broader Crypto World
Justin Sun has a huge profile in the crypto world and he controls many of the popular applications in the industry. Besides Tron Blockchain, Sun also owns the BitTorrent protocol as well as the Poloniex Exchange, and Huobi Global, and his transactional activities are well followed by top market trackers.
Despite his role in the industry , Justin Sun has been the subject of many critic’s backlashes, especially in the wake of the Poloniex exchange’s hack . Overall, Justin Sun believes in the future of blockchain technology and he has reiterated the commitment to maintaining the ethos of decentralization moving forward.
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