Friday, June 21, 2024

Ukrainian officials reported that Russia targeted cities with over 150 missiles and drones on Friday morning. This was described as one of the biggest air assaults of the war, resulting in at least 30 deaths and more than 160 injuries. Critical infrastructure was also damaged in the attacks.

Ukrainians are struggling to defend their country against attacks from Russia, as the military has been able to shoot down only 114 out of 158 missiles and drones fired. President Biden condemned the attack, stating that the assault reflected President Vladimir Putin’s aim of obliterating Ukraine and subjugating its people.

The attacks targeted several cities and key facilities, causing extensive damage and disrupting power supplies in multiple regions. Ukraine has been warning of Russia’s intent to target cities with high-precision missiles, similar to last year’s winter campaign against civilian targets.

One missile also crossed into Polish territory, prompting Polish authorities to conduct a search for debris. Despite these repeated attacks, many Ukrainians have grown accustomed to air-raid alerts and resumed their activities shortly after hearing blasts.

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