Thursday, May 23, 2024

Gretna, Nebraska — This story is not about high school basketball. It’s not about a beloved coach who passed away during the season. It’s not a tale of redemption, sorrow, or achievement. It’s about unity. It’s a story about a community and a team that, through their resilience and determination to honor their lost leader, exemplify the best of sports.

On Wednesday night at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska, Gretna High School will compete in the Class A boys state tournament against Millard North. Brad Feeken, the Dragons’ coach, passed away on December 30, 2023, after battling neuroendocrine cancer for over two years.

Despite their loss, Gretna’s seniors Landon Pokorski, Alex Wilcoxson, Alec Wilkins, Kade Cook, Joey Vieth, Chase Doble, and Avery Schendt have already cemented their legacies. This week’s tournament holds significance not only in their memory but also in their journey to this point after months of hardship.

When Feeken passed away, Gretna’s players and coaches chose to come together as a team rather than face their grief alone. This decision set the tone for the rest of their season. Their ability to support each other not only inspired their community but also served as a guiding light in their search for closure.

As a member of the Gretna community, the author shares a close connection to the team and its journey. Despite hesitating to cover the story professionally, recent events prompted a change of heart. The impact of Feeken’s passing on both the team and the community has been profound, demonstrating the strength and resilience that sports can bring in times of adversity.

Whether it was their emotional win following Feeken’s passing or their hard-fought victory in the district final, the Dragons have shown remarkable strength and unity throughout the season. With the state tournament ahead, Gretna’s seniors continue to embody the values instilled by their late coach, inspiring not only their community but also those around them.

From emotional victories to heartfelt tributes, Gretna’s journey through this season has been marked by moments of both sorrow and triumph. Their ability to face adversity head-on with grace and determination is a testament to the legacy of their coach and the strength of their community.

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