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At the time of writing, there is a bug in Diablo 4 for PC that prevents users from changing the order of their characters in the character selection list. Even after Patch 1.1, this issue has not been resolved. It seems that this bug or oversight only affects PC users, as consoles are not affected.

Fortunately, there is a workaround for PC users who have a gamepad. You can use a Playstation 4 controller to change the order of your Diablo 4 characters. Thanks to a user named Cooties on the Diablo 4 forum for bringing this workaround to our attention.

If you have a Playstation 4, you can pair your Playstation 4 controller with your Windows PC to use it as a gamepad. You can do this via Bluetooth, but if your motherboard does not have integrated Bluetooth, you will need a dongle. If you have a Bluetooth-enabled computer and a Playstation 4 controller, you have everything you need to proceed. No cables are required.

To begin the process, hold down the SHARE button on your Playstation 4 controller and then press and hold the PS Button until the light bar starts flashing. Enable Bluetooth on your device and navigate to the list of Bluetooth devices to select the controller from the available options.

There is a free and open-source software called DS4Windows that allows you to use your Playstation 4 controller on your Windows PC. It also supports the Playstation 3 controller and the Playstation 5 controller. DS4Windows offers several benefits over using the controller natively with Windows. These benefits include better compatibility with more games, support for additional features of the controller such as the touchpad and gyroscope, and customization options for button mapping, light bar color, and other settings.

To use DS4Windows, you need to download and install the software first. Then, connect your controller to your PC using a USB cable or Bluetooth. DS4Windows will automatically detect your controller and configure it for use with Windows. You can customize the controller’s settings in the DS4Windows settings menu and troubleshoot any issues you may encounter.

DS4Windows also allows you to use the gyroscope and touchpad on your Playstation 4 or Playstation 5 controller with Windows. The gyroscope can be used for motion controls in games, while the touchpad can function as a mouse or virtual keyboard. You can enable and customize these features in the settings menu of DS4Windows.

To pair a Playstation 3, 4, or 5 controller with DS4Windows, simply follow the instructions provided in the software. Make sure your controller is in pairing mode by holding down the PS and Share buttons, and DS4Windows will detect and connect the controller.

If you encounter issues with connecting the controller, try restarting your PC and controller, or using a different USB cable. Ensuring that your PC’s Bluetooth is turned on is also important.

Overall, DS4Windows is a useful tool for using your Playstation 4 controller on your Windows PC, offering enhanced compatibility, additional features, and customization options.

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