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Ubisoft’s latest release, Far Cry 6, has made me yearn for both tropical paradises and the previous installments of the Far Cry series. Set in the fictional region of Yara, which draws heavy inspiration from Cuba, the game depicts a stunning tropical paradise that has remained frozen in time. However, it is also a place where anyone opposing the rule of dictator Anton Castillo (masterfully portrayed by Afro-Italian actor Giancarlo Esposito) risks being killed or enslaved. The game allows you to assume the role of Dani Rojas, a character who can be either male or female, as you strive to restore power to the people. With your remarkable abilities to withstand gunfire and even catch fire without harm, your goal is to aid the guerilla group Libertad in exchange for a boat to America. However, you soon realize that taking down Castillo and embarking on a journey to America might be a better plan.

The game follows a similar formula to its predecessors, featuring a vast open world that requires you to travel back and forth between various points repeatedly. While enjoyable at first, the game quickly becomes repetitive, making me recognize the lack of growth in the Far Cry series over the years.

What I particularly enjoyed about Far Cry 6 were the characters. Whether they were villains or allies you encountered in Yara, each character possessed a distinct personality that injected vitality into the game. Furthermore, the soundtrack was exceptional, with its melodies resonating and even leading my character to sing along, momentarily brightening my experience. Additionally, the inclusion of Chorizo, a dog with wheels for hind legs, left a lasting impression on me. Visually, Far Cry 6 is an impressive game, boasting stunning graphics that make Yara truly awe-inspiring.

The game remains fun for approximately five hours, with a total playtime of over 20 hours to complete. One positive aspect is the level of weapon customization available, allowing you to modify your guns with different optics, suppressors, and ammunition types. However, regardless of the weapons used, their impact remains consistent after firing numerous shots or employing explosives. Shotgunning in particular provides an exhilarating experience, while riding horses adds an enjoyable element to gameplay. Surprisingly, for a Ubisoft game at launch, Far Cry 6 featured relatively few technical glitches.

However, there were several aspects I disliked about the game. The constant back-and-forth nature of missions became tiresome, while animal companions proved to be more of a hindrance and often met an untimely demise. Although Far Cry 6 tries to introduce political themes, it falls short, albeit slightly better than its predecessor, Far Cry 5. The overall story left much to be desired, and the lack of a manual save feature proved bothersome. Additionally, while the game world appears vast, it feels hollow and lacks depth. The map is divided into five different sections, but they all feel remarkably similar.

Certain elements of the game evoked negative emotions within me. The act of killing dogs seemed unnecessary and could have been an optional feature that players could disable. Similarly, engaging in cockfighting left me feeling uncomfortable, leading me to refrain from further participation. There is also a lack of enemy variety, with very few distinct types and faces. Moreover, the absence of a skill tree and the downplayed focus on hunting, including fishing activities, made those tasks feel like tedious chores. Lastly, I found it disappointing that Dani Rojas never exclaimed, “Football is life!” at any point during the game.

In conclusion, Far Cry 6 remains a familiar experience within the Far Cry franchise, with some standout character performances and visually stunning aesthetics. The game initially captivates players, but its momentum quickly wanes after leaving the starting island, as it begins to resemble more of a first-person Just Cause rather than a Far Cry title. Ultimately, Far Cry 6 falls short in offering anything truly innovative or exciting.

Please note that the review is based on a copy of Far Cry 6 provided by the developer for review purposes and played on the Xbox Series X.

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