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Why Kids And Adults Alike Love Animation

The global animation market value hit $259 billion in 2018 and doubled its value in 2020. However, experts believe it might take an unfortunate dip due to the ripple effects of the global pandemic. Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that people love animation. Animation incorporates reality into a makeshift world where fictional non-human characters take on definitive roles. That said, here are some reasons why people love animation.

It allows the ultimate creative freedom

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Did you know that there were early pioneers before Walt Disney became a global household name in the animation world? History reveals that in May 1908, a French animator called Emile Cohl created the first-ever recorded fully animated film in the world. Because advanced technology was almost non-existent at the time, Cohl used hand-drawn animation to complete his film dubbed Fantasmagorie. Also, others like Georges Méliès, Winsor McCay, and Stuart Blackton were making in-rows in the early animation industry.

Because animation deals with a lot of creativity, people naturally look forward to the next big item that will outdo the previous animated movie. Moreover, character creation in animation is endless and therefore makes it easier for animators to play around with ideas. It is this very natural pull to these fictional non-human characters that allows the ultimate creative freedom.

Easy access to animation figures on sale

Have you ever wondered why the market for movie figurines is so popular? That’s because animation film lovers go an extra mile to purchase fictional cartoon characters. Besides, this is more of a psychological element driving this need. Moreover, because the animation industry understands this need, the commercialization of these characters has been around for decades. It is why Barbie and Vegeta characters are making great sales as figurines. Today, getting Vegeta figurines to buy is not a complex task as they can be found almost in any toy shop.

The entertainment factor cuts across audiences of all age groups

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Every age group has an animation film or movie that they can identify with. It is a make-believe world and effectively appeals to people, regardless of their age. Upon careful observation, you will realize that animation movies are created with various storylines for different groups. This explains why an animated movie such as ‘Frozen’ appeals a lot more to young girls than boys.

In sharp contrast, ‘The Iron Giant’ draws a young male market and a few female fans. Meanwhile, others such as ‘Ratatouille’ and ‘Despicable Me 3’ embrace all age groups, regardless of gender. Today, the animation industry understands that entertainment should be fairly distributed for more returns. That leads to commercialization to generate more revenue.

The bottom line is, the animation world will continue to evolve and with even better storylines to appeal to a broader audience. More so, cartoon characters in these movies will continue to be more defined, taking on a more life-like appearance. Therefore, if you love animation movies, you can be sure there’s more creativity in the pipeline.

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