Tuesday, July 16, 2024

We’re excited to announce you can now launch your DAO on Base with the no-code Aragon App and modular Aragon OSx protocol. Incubated in the Coinbase ecosystem, Base opens the door for millions of individual and institutional users to move onchain and participate in the cryptoeconomy.

Coinbase and Aragon are among the longest standing projects in the industry and have earned the trust of users with a strong track record of securing billions in assets for the Ethereum ecosystem. Coinbase secures 128B in assets for verified individual and institutional users, and Aragon secures the governance of over 15B in assets for industry leading DAOs.

“The projects launching on Base will be instrumental to bringing the next billion users onchain. We’re thrilled that Aragon is deploying its secure, modular, and user-friendly tech stack for Base users to launch their DAOs, and participate in onchain governance.”

– Jesse Pollak, Creator of Base and Head of Protocols at Coinbase, Base

We share Base’s vision of making onchain the next online, and we are building to make it a reality. To move the world onchain, we need to govern the world onchain. DAOs are critical to achieve this vision and the new Aragon tech stack makes onchain governance more flexible and accessible than ever. Aragon, by deploying on Base, aims to make onchain governance user-friendly, cost-effective, and secure for builders and users.

Why Deploy Aragon DAOs on Base?

Base is an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) network, incubated by Coinbase. It offers a secure, low-cost, and developer-friendly platform to build onchain. It’s built on the open-source OP Stack, making it interoperable with the broader ecosystem.

Coinbase has played an important role onboarding millions of users and organizations to crypto, by creating a user-friendly and secure platform. We do the same for DAOs. The Aragon App allows anyone to launch, manage, and participate in a DAO with a no-code and secure user experience. User experience and security go hand in hand. When users can easily navigate and understand their onchain actions, they can make more informed decisions and safely interact with assets and contracts.

“Both Coinbase and Aragon are leading brands in their respective spaces in web3. This deployment will allow the entire Coinbase ecosystem to deploy their DAOs on Base, opening up a scalable solution to build quickly, safely, and in a cost effective way.”

– Anthony Leutenegger, Head of Growth, Aragon Project

Incubated by Coinbase and aiming to offer the benefits of an EVM environment, Base aims to usher millions of users into the broader cryptoeconomy. By making the Aragon App and Aragon OSx available on Base, we hope more users will have a seamless experience onboarding to crypto and into a DAO, becoming active participants in onchain governance.

Commitment to Decentralization and Onchain Governance

In order to create systems that increase economic and political freedom globally, we need robust and decentralized onchain infrastructure. Both Base and Aragon share a deep commitment to safe and progressive decentralization. To achieve decentralization, infrastructure must be governed onchain by a wide range of stakeholders.

Onchain governance allows us to align the incentives of these stakeholders with the security and growth of the ecosystem. A robust DAO framework, particularly a lean, secure, and modular one like Aragon OSx, is essential to achieving these goals. Onchain governance is key to creating the resilient, future-proof, and unstoppable technology necessary to power the new systems we envision.

There are many ways to onboard and participate in the cryptoeconomy, and Base is paving a trusted and secure path for a million builders and a billion users. We can’t wait to see the Base ecosystem grow and Aragon DAOs support its governance and decentralization.

Why Deploy Aragon DAOs on Base?

Launch your DAO on Base

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