Monday, July 15, 2024

Senator Joe Manchin III announced that he will not seek re-election, citing having achieved his goals. However, for the Democrats in Washington, the challenge to maintain the party’s slim Senate majority is just beginning. With West Virginia expected to flip Republican, it will be a huge blow for the Democrats. West Virginia has become so conservative that it delivered a wider Republican margin in the 2020 presidential race than any state other than Wyoming. The absence of Manchin in the upcoming Senate election will save Republicans a significant amount of money and will remove a crucial seat from the Democratic side early on. The path to maintaining power was always going to be difficult for the Democrats with their 51-seat majority. They must now defend Senate seats in several key battleground states. However, they have historically had success in re-electing incumbents, giving them hope for the upcoming elections. Their main challenges in 2024 are likely to come in states like Arizona, Michigan, and Nevada. The Democratic Party will also be looking to go on the offensive in red states like Florida and Texas.

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