Tuesday, July 16, 2024


Heads up, FPS fans!

Another competitive shooter is coming your way on mobile. Known as Global Offensive Mobile, a CS:GO Mobile Clone has been recently spotted on the Google Play Store. Keep this in mind— the game is not a mobile remake of any sort. Rather, it appears to be an exact clone of the original and classic PC game with its similar weapon list, assets, and game modes.

Is it Valve-backed? First off, we need to clarify if this CS:GO mobile port is supported and backed by Valve itself. Unfortunately, Global Offensive Mobile is an unofficial, bootleg copy of the titular FPS game. Valve is yet to show any interest in bringing over one of the most popular online games and eSports titles on mobile, but clearly— other developers are keen on testing the waters. According to an official source, the game is published by ‘Cheese WT’ for Android devices. Global Offensive Mobile is only available in Thailand as of writing, with its Closed Beta Test stage up until February 18, 2021. A mobile CS:GO port is expected to be popular within the Thai gaming community, where mobile gaming is gaining traction and continuous success. However, interested players from other regions may have to wait a while for the game’s official release date. The publisher of the game hasn’t released the global version, but its beta version has been launched on APKPURE. It’s also available to add to the Wishlist on Google Play Store for now. There’s no information about the iOS version of this game yet. Cheese WT also announced that they are planning to make the mobile FPS title compatible with more devices to cater to more gamers. Global Offensive Mobile’s current game size is around 1.2 GB, hence a mid-end smartphone is ideal if you want the game to run smoothly.

CS:GO on Mobile How exactly is the mobile game similar to CS:GO? For starters, “Global Offensive Mobile” blatantly copied a part of the title from Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This is already considered as a red flag by many. Also, aside from being inspired by CS:GO elements, the game went on to clone the classic PC game experience on small, handheld devices. This includes the FPS gameplay, graphics, weapons skins, classic maps, markets, and more. The similarities are easily observable in the game’s official teaser images on the official Google Play Store page. Some maps and weapons were directly copied from CS:GO, hence is why the game earned the rather reputation of ‘CS:GO Mobile’. It even has similar sound effects, voices, animations, and even weapon bullet trajectory. Familiar game modes such as Deathmatch, Demolition, Casual, Zombie, and more are also present in the game. Developers also confirmed they plan to introduce new maps and game modes in the next updates.

At this point, long-time CS:GO fans and veterans might need to prepare the ultimate Mobile Gamer starter pack in anticipation for the game’s official global launch— if ever it pushes through.

A Striking Rip-off It seems like the Thailand-based developer of the game isn’t afraid of any lawsuit from Valve, or most likely, they’re showing Valve the potential of their game. The mobile shooter features 6 game modes and 6 different maps as of writing, 3 of which are Dust 2, Inferno, and Mirage. The maps are taken directly from CS:GO, with no intention of even changing the names. Even the iconic “Go go go” tagline is used by the mobile title. Most notably, all weapons from CS:GO are also present in this supposed mobile version. Each weapon is a perfect copy as they also function similar to the original. The game looks visually stunning, considering it is made in the Unity engine. Even the in-game controls seem to be perfectly adapted for the mobile platform. Perhaps the only notable differences between the two is one new map, new skins and different operators.


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