Friday, July 19, 2024

The conference rooms at Magic Spoon’s office are themed after different aspects of their brand: the “blueberry muffin,” “fruity,” and “maple waffle.” The “blueberry muffin” room has calming blue walls, while the “fruity” room features bright red walls and vintage chairs upholstered in yellow pineapple print. In the “maple waffle” room, where more serious meetings are held with investors, the walls are a subdued shade of brown.

Magic Spoon designed their office with a focus on employee retention and comfort, aiming to make the workplace an appealing destination for their roughly 50 employees, especially after the return to in-person work. This design trend, known as the Envy Office, has become popular among startups, tech companies, and other employers competing for young talent.

The official also reflects how the pandemic has transformed the concept of office design. Employers now focus on creating spaces that are visually appealing and Instagram-worthy, combining the comforts of a living room with the glamour of a vacation. Many companies have embraced this design approach, adding colorful walls, soft seating, and carefully curated design elements.

This trend in office aesthetics is driven by the fact that employees want to convey their work experiences on social media to reflect a thrilling and enjoyable career. The Magic Spoon office, with its distinct conference rooms and comfortable design, reflects this changing attitude toward office spaces and the role they play in shaping the employees’ sense of identity.

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