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North Korean hackers are reportedly pretending to be journalists and South Korean government agencies to steal cryptocurrency.

“The police believe the illegal cyber activity was aimed at stealing cryptocurrency,” the statement declared.

North Korean Hackers Target a Growing Number of Crypto Investors

A recent report reveals that North Korean hackers targeted around 19 victims between March and October. They did this by posing as officials and journalists to steal cryptocurrency.

“The hackers expropriated 19 victims’ user IDs and profiles to log in to their cryptocurrency trading accounts. They also executed crypto mining programs on more than 147 proxy servers they seized.”

Meanwhile, less than twelve months ago, the hackers employed malicious software to steal crypto, causing concerns about the potential loss of property and valuables.

“Last year, they stripped virtual assets by distributing ransomware. That coerced victims to pay money and valuables to regain their property,” the report declared

Furthermore, the police closed 42 fake websites run by North Korean hackers in collaboration with the Korea Internet & Security Agency to stop more people from being tricked.

Additionally, the police will provide the government’s intelligence and cyber experts with a list of the servers used by the hackers.

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Hackers Impersonating Officials on the Rise in Recent Times

The report additionally highlighted that North Korean hackers have previously feigned being government officials to achieve financial gains.

“North Korean hackers sent emails last May impersonating an assistant of Rep. Tae Yong-ho, a lawmaker of the conservative People Power Party who was a North Korean diplomat before he defected to the South.”

Meanwhile, this follows a recent report indicating a rise in hackers from North Korea.

On August 1, blockchain investigator ZachXBT made claims that Lazarus Group, the notorious group backed by the North Korean government. He alleged that they transferred about $8.5 million across three different blockchain networks.

At that time, Lazarus reportedly controlled 125 Bitcoin addresses holding a total of 290 BTC. Each wallet contained between one and three BTC.

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