Sunday, June 23, 2024

During a conversation at the White House, attendees expressed their feelings about the Israel-Hamas war and the impact it has had on Muslim Americans. They were straightforward with President Biden, telling him that his support of Israel was seen as permission for the attacks in Gaza, that his comments about the death toll of Palestinians were offensive, and that the murder of a young Muslim boy was a result of the dehumanization of their community. Biden’s meeting with the group stretched to over an hour as he listened to their criticisms and shared his own experiences with loss and grief. While promising to do better, Biden assured the group that he would work towards humanizing Palestinians. Although attendees left the meeting without a promise from Biden for a permanent cease-fire, Biden had publicly denounced Islamophobia and expressed distress over the loss of Palestinian lives during the war. His senior aides have held meetings with upset officials to address their complaints. However, his unwavering support for Israel has at times put him at odds with members of his own party. As the war took a toll on the Palestinian community, the outcomes are expected to span generations.

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