Friday, July 19, 2024

Paddington is the busiest bear in Hollywood. While fans wait another year for the third installment of his film franchise, Paddington has found time for roles opposite Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hanks, and Robert De Niro. He celebrated a goal with Ted Lasso, slipped on a spacesuit for “Interstellar,” and appeared onstage with David Byrne. He devoured spicy wings on “Hot Ones,” cracked open a children’s book with LeVar Burton on “Reading Rainbow,” and recently joined Thanksgiving feasts with characters from “Peanuts,” “The Sopranos,” and “The Simpsons.”

This daunting schedule has been made possible by the hard work and creativity of Jason Chou, a self-described Paddington enthusiast. He has spent nearly three years harnessing the magic of Photoshop to teleport the marmalade-loving, escapade-seeking, hard-staring bear into scenes from popular films and television shows.

Jason Chou has been dedicated to creating a Paddington-related post every day since March 2021, and is nearing a milestone: his 1,000th post, which will go live on Sunday. His work lives on Twitter, where he has over 340,000 followers under his handle, @jaythechou, and where he has pledged to “Photoshop Paddington into a movie, game, or TV show until I forget.”

Mr. Chou has always sought to stay true to Paddington’s principles, and has inspired other artists to create similar works. A fellow internet artist, Geoffrey Palmer, has also been photoshopping Paddington into various tableaus from Magic: The Gathering.

Paddington is hailed as a beloved character from children’s books, animated television shows, and a film franchise. Jason Chou’s work continues to grow, connecting with a diverse audience, and plans to maintain the consistency and authenticity of Paddington’s character.

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