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Launch a DAO on Arbitrum and build in a thriving ecosystem of protocols, assets and applications.

Arbitrum is a Layer 2 rollup scaling Ethereum. With over $7 billion total value locked and 55% of the L2 market share, Arbitrum is the industry’s most popular L2 solution.

Arbitrum’s battle-tested, market-leading technology makes Ethereum more accessible with lower gas costs and faster transactions. Its security is inherited from Ethereum, and is a time-tested solution for your DAO and its assets.

Deploy your DAO on Arbitrum using the modular DAO framework, Aragon OSx, or the no-code Aragon App today!

Arbitrum is by far the most adopted rollup in the EVM ecosystem, both in terms of TVL and protocols launched on the network. In addition to being home to impactful multichain projects like Stargate, Arbitrum has spurred many exciting native projects like GMX, Tenderize, and Plutus. We are excited to join such a vibrant ecosystem. 

— Ivan Fartunov, Head of Ecosystem

Ethereum mainnet has the most access to liquidity and highest security, but it also has high gas costs and slow transaction times. These barriers lead people to choose off-chain solutions, which lose some advantages of being deployed on a blockchain.

Arbitrum solves the problems of operating and governing on Ethereum mainnet. It gives you the scalability you need to run your DAO, without sacrificing on security. Transactions are significantly cheaper, so votes and actions are much lower cost. And bridging assets to Arbitrum is simple, so you can have access to the liquidity you need. 

Think of Arbitrum as your starting point to access the entire world of Ethereum! 

Save DAO resources and increase voter turnout with lower gas costs

Arbitrum transactions are just a fraction of the cost of using mainnet, which can save your DAO significant resources. Creating and running a DAO requires multiple onchain transactions, all of which cost fees. When deployed on Arbitrum, your DAO can save funds because actions such as casting votes, adding new members, and sending assets will cost significantly less. 

Lower gas costs have another key advantage: they can help increase voter turnout. When members don’t have to pay gas fees, they might be more likely to participate in votes. Higher voter turnout also increases governance security, because it ensures more DAO members are making sure proposals are aligned with the DAO.

Reduce time spent on DAO admin and governance with faster transactions

Transactions on Arbitrum settle much more quickly than they do on Ethereum, saving you and your members time. Arbitrum processes around 40,000 transactions per second (TPS), while Ethereum only processes around 20-40. This means don’t have to wait the standard 9 minutes for each mainnet transaction to settle to get to your next task. Instead of waiting for your transaction to confirm, you can get back to building. 

Inherit security from Ethereum and a time-tested solution

One of the primary reasons to deploy a DAO on mainnet is because of security. But with Arbitrum, you don’t have to sacrifice on security to get scalability, because the rollup inherits the security of Ethereum. 

If any fraud is detected, it can be verified and then penalized on Ethereum. So, you can have peace of mind that your DAO and its assets are secure.

Full EVM equivalence makes building easy

If you’re building a custom DAO on Aragon OSx, you can deploy on Arbitrum without making technical modifications. Developers can migrate from Ethereum mainnet to Arbitrum with minimal modifications, making building on Arbitrum fast and easy! 

Arbitrum and Aragon have one key thing in common: building technology that opens doors to Ethereum and makes onchain actions attainable for all users.

Both Aragon and Arbitrum have a shared vision to bring the world onto Ethereum through more accessible gateways. Arbitrum’s rollup technology serves as a gateway to Ethereum, and Aragon’s user-friendly DAO tech stack makes it possible for anyone to build a DAO.

With the industry converging on Ethereum as the base infrastructure for a thriving ecosystem on top, value and resources don’t have to be fragmented across Layer 1 chains that all serve different purposes. Instead, with the thriving Layer 2 ecosystem and Arbitrum leading the way, assets and value will be accrued to the same base layer. Ethereum’s secure, decentralized technology underpins the revolutionary protocols and apps that will change the world.

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