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The Fan Expo SF Weekend at a Glance

After a day of family and festivities, the fandom community of the Bay Area came together for Fan Expo San Francisco 2023. Be it wanting to meet your favorite stars or wanting to enjoy one of the last major conventions of the year, this was one of the highlights of the Thanksgiving Weekend. Fan Expo San Francisco 2023 was an event that brought together pop-culture icons, acclaimed performers along with famed comic book artists and writers. Hosted at the Moscone West; fans from all over the Bay Area gathered for an eventful weekend.

Dealers and Artists

The exhibition halls are where you can find all the vendors, displays, artists, and more. Here you can learn about your local comic book shop or purchase collectible merchandise, the works of local authors, or amazing fan art. Even if you have no shopping agenda, it’s still fun to look through all the cool stuff and meet the many artists and vendors. A staple of every major anime convention, Gallery Panda was present at Fan Expo SF. They are known for their anime and comic inspired abstract wall art that is printed on Crystal Clear Acrylic sheets. Jed Thomas is a Southern California-based artist and designer whose works feature iconic characters that are created using his unique style. His booth would get your attention right away with the numerous Godzilla artwork. Going through the catalog reveals artwork based on beloved works like Batman and Berserk. Sour Cherry Comics is a San Francisco-based comic book store. They are known for selling unique comics/graphic novels and providing a creative space for comic writers and artists of different backgrounds. They were present to highlight their work and reach out to their fans. By combining augmented reality technology with graphic novels, Imperator Interactive presents a unique means to enjoy a story. It’s an independent publication founded by Kevin Taylor, who is known for his rich history in the games industry. Dope Cat Comics is a comic series that is created and independently published by Mike Boheem. It’s about a cat that smokes dope and experiences mind-blowing adventures. Fans of this cult series could meet its creator, pick up some issues, or buy some merch.

Fan Clubs and Community Organizations

Golden Gate Garrison is the Bay Area branch of the 501st Legion, dedicated to accurately recreating the uniforms and armor of the Galactic Empire along with the First Order and the Clone Troopers. Wolves of Mandalore is the Bay Area branch of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club, dedicated to helping fans create their own custom Mandalorian cosplay, complete with a unique artistic style and the background of their character. Cartoon Art Museum is dedicated to the history and preservation of cartoons of all kinds. Staff and associates were present to bring greater awareness to the museum and showcase some of their ongoing work. Dreamscape is an event organizer that brings together the anime fandom with the motorist community. They organize pop-up events that mix cosplay gatherings with a car show around the Bay Area. Besides organizing the itasha display, they also had a booth in the dealer’s hall.

Panels at Fan Expo SF 2023

Fan Expo is not just about meeting new friends or exploring the dealer’s hall and artist ally, it’s also a chance to gain some insight or have a good laugh. The event organized a series of panels that discussed a variety of topics. They would feature major stars, industry insiders, or community organizers.

These are some of the panels I got to attend during the weekend: … [content has been truncated for brevity] …

Itasha Display

Located in the front of the dealer’s hall, Dreamscape had several itasha cars available on display. This was a chance for motorists to showcase their work and for guests to admire the work. It also welcomed guests for the chance to get a photo ops with the cars.

Things to Do at Fan Expo

The weekend was not just about panels and shopping but also about having fun with friends. From tabletop games to cosplay gatherings and more, there was no shortage of activities. Here are some of the activities one could stumble upon: … [content has been truncated for brevity] …

Did you get a chance to check out Fan Expo SF 2023? If so then share your story in the comment section below. Disclaimer: Fan Expo provided me with a pass for the weekend. 8Bit/Digi is an independent media outlet that provides insight into the gamer community of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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