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Fallout fans were in for a treat with Prime Video debuting the trailer for the new series at CCXP, Brazil’s fan and comic book convention in São Paulo.

Prime Video gave a taste of the series recently when Variety unveiled its cover story that went on a deep dive into what the Fallout TV show would look like, including details on the actors and look of the show. At CCXP in Brazil, the first trailer finally gave a look at how closely the show follows the games.

During the panel at CCXP that featured executive producer and director Jonathan Nolan, executive producer and co-showrunner Graham Wagner, and series stars Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, and Walton Goggins, Fallout was finally shown off, in all its action, tongue-in-cheek gore, and twisted post-apocalyptic glory. 

Fallout Tv Show Confirmed Canon, New Images Revealed

Set two hundred years after the events that caused the world to be left in ruin; the series has the vault dwellers, who have up to this point been sheltered from the effects of the apocalypse, needing to leave the safety of their dwelling, to venture into the hostile wasteland that radiation has claimed. Leaving behind the relative comfort they have known up to this point, the brutal, violent, weird and sometimes humorous world above is waiting to greet them in some truly hostile ways.

Releasing April 2024, Fallout brings the post-apocalyptic alternate history of a 1950s-esque retrofuturistic world to a live-action world for the first time. The show is developed by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan (Westworld) through their production company, Kilter Films, for Prime Video. Fallout is based on the role-playing video game franchise created by Interplay Entertainment and now owned by Bethesda Softworks. 

YouTube video
YouTube video

The series features a talented cast, including Ella Purnell, Walton Goggins, and Aaron Moten in leading roles. Ella Purnell, known for her role in Yellowjackets, plays the character Lucy, while Walton Goggins, recognized for his performance in The Hateful Eight, portrays the character known as The Ghoul. Aaron Moten, known for Emancipation, also stars in the series. The cast further includes actors such as Kyle MacLachlan, Sarita Choudhury, Michael Emerson, Leslie Uggams, and many others, contributing to the depth and diversity of the ensemble.

Fallout is scheduled to premiere on April 12, 2024, and will be available to stream exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.

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