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Many video games include mini-games within them. Usually, mini-games are fun to take a break from your primary game. Most players use mini-games to get a change of scenery from some intense game-play. They are meant to be fun and engaging, with most mini-games having a goal, prize and a time frame.

There are a lot of videogames which make use of mini-games, including;

  • Mario Party, which features 50 mini-games.
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt offers a great card game where you can enjoy an entertaining strategic challenge between your main adventure.
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla players can enjoy a dice game which plays like a battle based on dice throws as a thrilling mini-game. Orlog is the name of the mini-game that is easy to learn. You can even purchase a physical version of the game.
  • Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus has a great twist to its mini-game. There is a bar known as Club Kreisau on your ship, and it’s here where you will find the arcade machine, and it’s here where you will find the arcade machine ‘Wolfstone 3D’ which is just like the classic Wolfenstein 3D games you would play at your local arcade.
Top Three Videogames With Bingo Mini-GamesTop Three Videogames With Bingo Mini-Games

Bingo as a Mini-Game

Bingo is a popular mini-game incorporated into many video games. Still, when you think about it, bingo is the perfect mini-game for the following reasons;

  • Bingo is no longer seen as boring or something the older generation enjoys.
  • The popularity of online and physical bingo has increased, with players worldwide enjoying new versions of the classic game.
  • Bingo is a fun, exciting and social game.
  • Bingo is easy to learn and play. All you need to do is select a deposit amount after choosing your game to start playing. Most bingo games also have an automatic feature, meaning you will never miss a favourite game if something gets in the way of playing.

Videogames That Have Used Bingo as a Mini-Game

Panel Action Bingo (1993)

Bingo was seen as the perfect mini-game years ago. In 1993, the GameBoy (remember the first portable console?) had Panel Action Bingo, which mixed thrilling gameplay interspersed with bingo rounds to keep players’ attention.

The game played through with a cat and a bird who fought for space on a bingo card, and even though the game was not an immediate success, it now has a cult following.

Bing, Bing Bingo

Another game debuted in 1993, but this time on the Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Bing, Bing Bingo has a mode where a pirate cannon shoots out random numbers, which is a pretty cool delivery besides other fun options like the Santa Claus option (great prizes here).

PlayStation Home: Paradise Bingo – 2012

Skip forward to 2012 to find Paradise Bingo, which came out for the PS3 in 2012 with many players who believe Sony created the game just for bingo lovers.

In an opulent casino, the 3D game is grounded in Las Vegas and comes loaded with a few bingo variations (including the classic games).

Paradise Bingo also has a social feature that adds much entertainment, as you can chat with your friends at the tables. The way it works is that you create an avatar, and your friends create theirs. You can meet up and enjoy a few bingo games in a fun setting whilst still in with the chance of winning some prizes and jackpots.

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