Thursday, May 23, 2024

GM farmers, are you ready for the most hyped airdrops of late 2023? Well, we got you.

Have a look and end your year with a bang! Here we go.

List of Most Hyped Airdrops End of 2023

1] Blast & Blur Season 3

If you have been in the airdrop space this year, there is no getting around Blur. The NFT marketplace managed to conquer the market share of the giant Opensea with their season 1 and 2 airdrop campaigns. Some farmers have made millions of dollars participating in the first two seasons.

After Blur recently completed the second season, they immediately announced the 3rd. This time, it combines with their new Layer-2 solution Blast (still in development). Blur and Blast will have their airdrops this season, and you can find all the information on our site to farm them. This one requires some ETH to farm, the more the better.

Go check them out, here’s both links to Blast Airdrop & Blur Airdrop. Gl!

2] Portal

If you’re active on X, you have most likely come across the tweets about Portal.

Portal is pioneering a revolution in the world of Web3 gaming, offering a platform that breaks down barriers between different blockchain games

Their airdrop is focused on farming engagement on social media. You do not need any ETH to play, just tweet, like, comment, retweet and you collect points for the airdrop!

You can find the Portal Airdrop details here.

3] Jupiter Retroactive Airdrop

The Solana ecosystem is thriving, and the $JUP airdrop is one example of it.

Jupiter is a groundbreaking decentralized exchange on the Solana blockchain, designed as a superior alternative to traditional centralized exchanges.

If you have been active on Solana in the past year, you may have a free $JUP claim waiting on you already.

Check if you’re eligible on Airdrop Alert.

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