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Paladin Runes in WoW Season of Discovery

So far, there are 12 runes that are available for paladins in WoW Season of Discovery. These runes can be obtained by completing various quests and challenges throughout the game. Here is a quick and easy table that summarizes the runes and their effects:

Rune Effect Source
Blessing of Kings Inceases the target’s Strength, Agility, Stamina, and Intellect by 10% for 5 min. Complete the quest “The Missing Diplomat” in Stormwind.
Blessing of Wisdom Increases the target’s mana regeneration by 10% for 5 min. Complete the quest “The Tome of Divinity” in Ironforge.
Cleanse Removes all Poison, Disease, and Magic effects from a friendly target. Complete the quest “The First Trial” in Westfall.

Runes are special symbols that grant paladins various abilities and powers in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery. They can be obtained by completing different quests and challenges throughout the game, and they can be activated by using the rune bar at the bottom of the screen. Runes can be used for offensive, defensive, or supportive purposes, depending on the situation and the playstyle of the paladin.

There are 12 runes available for paladins in Season of Discovery, each with its own effect and source. Some of the runes are familiar to veteran players, such as Blessing of Kings, Divine Shield, and Judgement, while others are new and unique, such as Crusader Strike, Holy Shock, and Seal of Command. Each rune has a cooldown time, which can be reduced by using certain talents or items. Runes can also be combined with each other to create powerful combos and synergies.


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