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Yesterday, fans of Rocky Balboa gathered for the inaugural commemoration of Rocky Day at the iconic steps to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Thousands of Rocky Balboa fans flocked at the iconic steps leading to the Philadelphia Museum of Art yesterday. Why you ask, well to commemorate the inaugural Rocky Day of course! Just like the famous scene of Sylvester “The Italian Stallion” Stallone running up those steps, the actor was honoured this past Sunday for his contribution to the city of Philadelphia. The day also marked the 47th anniversary of the first Rocky film back in 1976. Rocky Day will now be celebrated every December 3rd in Philadelphia.

Stallone even had a whole speech and meet-and-greet with the Philly fans. “December 3, Sunday, Rocky Day,” Stallone said to the onlookers on the rainy Sunday. “Remarkable. Who would have believed it? Certainly none of the 13 schools I went to would have.” For more context on the film, Stallone wrote the film and was rejected by many studios. He was also very broke at the time, selling his car to get the production on the film finished! The film went on to win three Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

The Rocky franchise has been so popular with its five films starring Stallone, and even sparked a resurgence with its spin-off Creed films. He worked alongside actor Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther, Creed) to bring in new fans into the Rocky universe, both on-screen and off. Stallone was praised by local officials, even earning the key to the city. Special guest Chevy Chase was also there to honour the boxing film legend for Rocky Day. In a sense, Stallone did Philadelphia a favour by putting the focus on the city in his films as well.

Sylvester Stallone Marks Rocky Day On December 3Rd In Philly 2

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart – and Rocky’s, too – because we’re very close to all of you, who, believe it or not, are the real-life Rockys,” Stallone told the crowd. “Because you live your life on your own terms, you try to do the best you can and you keep punching.” The celebration also included the grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Sly Stallone Shop situated inside the Parkway Visitor Center Outpost between the base of the steps and the Rocky statue. The shop will carry all kinds of merchandise, apparel and memorabilia designed and approved by Stallone himself.

A 9-year-old fan of Rocky Balboa, Ro Knight reenacted one of the iconic character’s most memorable scenes from the movie franchise while meeting Stallone during Rocky Day in Philadelphia. The video has gone viral because of the connection they shared reciting one of the most inspiring, memorable quotes of the film series. It really showed that the Rocky films will withstand the test of time, and now Rocky Day will be a reminder too.

Most recently, Stallone has taken a backseat on the Creed films. But he has been busy with the Prime Video series Tulsa King. He was also recently in the fourth Expendables film and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Not only has he been working on Tulsa King season 2, but will be working on a sequel to his superhero film Samaritan.

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