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Tyler Goodson, a key figure in the popular “S-Town” podcast series, died on Sunday after he was shot during a standoff with the police at a house in Woodstock, Ala., southwest of Birmingham, the authorities said on Monday.

The police responded to a call after midnight on Sunday at a home in Woodstock, where they found that Mr. Goodson had barricaded himself inside, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said. A standoff followed between Mr. Goodson and law enforcement officials from several agencies, during which Mr. Goodson “brandished a gun at officers,” the agency said.

Mr. Goodson, 32, was shot, and was later pronounced dead, according to the agency.

It was unclear who shot Mr. Goodson. Additional details about the standoff and the shooting were not disclosed.

Mayor Jeff Dodson of Woodstock said in a statement on Monday that “everyone wants answers and details, myself included.”

“Tyler was well known and loved by myself, his family and this community,” Mr. Dodson said. “That love extends far beyond due to the S-Town podcast. Please remember at this time that he is so much more than a character to the fans who loved him. This young man was a father, son, brother and friend to many.”

Members of Mr. Goodson’s family, including his mother and sister, did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Monday.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said that the shooting was under investigation, and that its findings would be turned over to the local authorities.

“S-Town” was an instant hit when it was released in 2017, downloaded by listeners 16 million times in its first week, and it later won a Peabody Award.

The series released followed a man named John B. McLemore who hated his hometown of Woodstock, Ala., and reached out to Brian Reed, a producer at “This American Life,” for help investigating the son of a rich family who claimed to have gotten away with murder.

The series was created by the producers of “This American Life” and Serial Productions, which The New York Times Company acquired in 2020.

Mr. Goodson featured prominently in the series, and he had a close friendship with Mr. McLemore. The podcast takes a turn early in the series, when listeners discover that Mr. McLemore died by suicide after he drank cyanide.

“He’s just about the only daddy I’ve got,” Mr. Goodson said in Episode 3, describing his paternal relationship with Mr. McLemore.

Listeners later learn that Mr. McLemore intended to leave his belongings to Mr. Goodson though he did not leave legal will behind. Mr. Goodson was later charged with stealing items he claimed were his from the McLemore property.

“S-Town” was also the subject of scrutiny because it was released after Mr. McLemore died, and critics raised concerns that he had not consented to sharing private details about his life. Mr. McLemore’s estate filed a lawsuit against “S-Town” and its associates in 2018, arguing the show’s producers exploited Mr. McLemore. The suit was later settled.

Kirsten Noyes contributed research.

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