Monday, May 27, 2024

PThe military of Israel has uncovered an abundance of intelligence after the terrorist attacks on October 7th. Insight into the plans, battle tactics, and abilities of Hamas have been gained, leading to changes in strategies for the conflict in Gaza. The military discovered information on the location and operations of Hamas tunnels and installations from the sites of attacks in Israel and battles in Gaza. This information is transmitted to the battle forces in real-time, aiding in their operations. During a briefing on Monday, the Israeli military revealed materials obtained throughout the war from dead Hamas fighters and areas within the Gaza Strip. These include maps, pamphlets, transmitters, phones, video cameras, notebooks, and computers. The data are analyzed and quickly shared with soldiers fighting Hamas through a unit responsible for this task.

The journalists were given access to top intelligence documents, with the stipulation that they would not disclose specific details while publishing only some of the information. In addition, the material had to be carefully handled as some of it was stained with dried blood. Some documents outline the tactics and formations of Hamas, even breaking down fighter platoons. Information collected also includes photographs and videos of Hamas military leaders, which can be used for targeting purposes. Journals and personal belongings of Hamas assailants have been recovered to further understand their tactics. In response to the war, the fighting strategy has undergone “small adjustments” based on the military intelligence collected.

When the cease-fire ended last week, Israeli soldiers resumed heavy fighting in southern Gaza and other residential areas. General Ibrahim, the commander of the armored corps, oversees tank warfare in these densely populated zones. He has created teams to gain insights from various units, which is sent to forces periodically. He highlighted adjusting armored tanks and personnel carriers by adding canopies in response to the threat of Hamas drones, proving to be effective deterrents.

In battles against Hamas, the Israeli military uses combined arms fighting, utilizing tanks, infantry, combat engineering, and heavy airstrikes. American military and intelligence officials have emphasized the essential nature of acting quickly on new battlefield intelligence for a successful mission, particularly when dealing with hostage recovery or targeting high-ranking leaders. General Ibrahim stated that the military has focused on a force multiplier strategy to maintain low army casualties. However, civilian deaths have risen, prompting international pressure on Israel to negotiate a new cease-fire. The United States has offered advice on how to conduct their campaign to degrade Hamas’s military capability while minimizing civilian casualties.

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