Thursday, May 23, 2024

Recently, 10 Chambers organized a special event at the Unity office in San Francisco, inviting members of the media to preview the conclusion of GTFO and get a first look at Den of Wolves. During the event, attendees had the opportunity to experience two final expeditions for GTFO and gain insight into Den of Wolves, including its inspiration and what to expect from the new world.

Den of Wolves is an espionage-themed heist game set in a cyberpunk world inspired by the works of Philip K. Dick and classics like Ghost in the Shell, with a setting in the year 2097 on Midway Island. The game’s development will focus on delivering stunning sets, rich backgrounds, and over 400 fictional brands integral to the overall lore. Players will control their own mercenary enterprise as they undertake a variety of jobs against rival industries in a four-player co-op gameplay, which will involve stealth, puzzle solving, and action.

The conclusion to GTFO will wrap up the story, with potential plans for a console launch in the future. An event at the Unity office in San Francisco allowed attendees to experience the conclusion by participating in two final expeditions for GTFO. The first expedition centered around finding the Matter Wave Projector and successfully escaping, while the second expedition involved locating three Bata Cubes and navigating through a more challenging environment.

Overall, the conclusion to GTFO and the upcoming Den of Wolves demonstrate 10 Chambers’ focus on developing ambitious and unique projects, drawing from their previous experiences with Pay Day 2 and GTFO.

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